Sea horse

by Allfits

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Grabado en Montreal Studios por Hans Krüger. Mezclado por Edgar Beltri y Mario Patiño en La Atlántida estudio y masterizado por Yves Roussel.


released October 1, 2011




Allfits Málaga, Spain

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Track Name: Semilla de manzana
A huge machine,
That breaks those walls,
which isolate us
from what is real

How far can you see?
Don’t you see me?
How far can you see?

When the sun arises,
Our frozen hearts will melt
And we’ll cry…
Sad, pride and angry tears
Everything (will) disappear but to start again

To start again
To start again
To start again
Although in a different way

How far can you see?
Don’t you see me?
How far can you see?

(It isolate us, from what is real)
Track Name: Ecoro
I asked myself what could life be (life could be*)
And what I dreamt where I’ll be free (dream*)
What I see now, it’s on the contrary
Wishing my dreams will become true

No, not in my dreams
Can’t you see the dying green? Only drying fields

My mind is nearly to switch off
Still thinking you all should fuck off
Someone could take me out of this stuff
Cause I am nearly… to switch off

No, not in my dreams

Cause you wanna learn, all on your own way,
All on your own way, your own, way

No, not in my dreams
Track Name: La suerte
If it’s true that there are thousand ways
That will take me where I want
What to choose if everybody and everything seem the same?
I think I’d rather straight ahead…

Maybe is longer, bored and makes remember things that I don’t…
Maybe I have no choice but to bow my head
And I will bite my lips until make them bleed…

But the day that I explode, I won’t take anymore
I will destroy that path not to coming back
And I will say goodbye with my biggest smile
Then I’ll just realize that we all can change things…
Track Name: Ellos crearon pequeñas fieras
I cry and you laugh
Cause my tears make your smile
Your truth and my lies
Your misfortune and my good luck

My friends, your enemies
Your friends are just shadows
My freedom is your agony
And my dreams… your jealousy

The fruits of my dreams, they’re just your jealousy
Track Name: Ha nacido
Starting from a thought of heart full of trust
Jumping down the rocks with open eyes

Losing on the way a quarter part of us
Jumping down the rocks with open eyes

(We share)

By the Lake Shore Drive, Autumn Comets in the sky (so high)

Writing Notes to ourselves to our Northern mates

Did Sara tell you so?

(We share)